1112 Feb 2021
International Conference


Ecology is a broad term that is shaped by and constructed upon a harmonious relation between human beings and their environment, both geographical and man-made. Disturbance in either environment has a domino effect, culminating in serious changes in the state of natural resources and climate, that indubitably leads to conflict in the geo-political, socio-cultural and economic contexts of identity of an individual and a nation. In fact, there exists an all-inclusive action-reaction relation between all of these. The world is witnessing unprecedented changes in the environment and the changing ecology is a matter of concern, as it is affecting and threatening the existence of one and all. Climate changes, global warming, environmental degradation, and the exhaustion of natural resources are seemingly only concerned with nature but there are several factors that have influenced and added to these phenomena- colonialism, capitalism, politics, industrialization, and market economy.

Ecological concerns have become a persistent topic in the collective social and scientific imagination wherein every discipline is brainstorming the changing demography and geography and generating numerous studies and advancements. The International Multi- Disciplinary Conference Evolving Ecological Concerns: Transgressions, Transitions and Transformation, is in the line of various debates happening concurrently to meditate upon the multifold and reciprocatory impact on human lives due to ecological changes. In the last century people had discussed global warming and depleting water resources, but the contemporary discourses do not just highlight the urgency of the situation, as we lie on thresholds of disasters, but are simultaneously focusing on action. In line with these deliberations, the present conference aims to explore how the changing ecology have been triggered by and have led to transgressions (humans against themselves and nature) at multiple scales, transitions seemingly from preceding state to present but lying in a constant tempo- spatial vortical movement, resulting in unexpected transformations. In order to provide a holistic and multidisciplinary perspective regarding the contemporary ecological concerns, seven technical sessions have been included in the conference, focusing on different dimensions.

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