2425 Feb 2023
Important Date


We invite you to submit an abstract under following categories :

SESSION 1. Ecological Transformation in Business Practices

  • Ecopreneurs - Emerging Ecosystem Start-ups

  • Green HRM & Sustainable Leadership

  • Leadership in Contemporary Business

  • Ecotourism

  • Leveraging Digitization

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunity with Disruptive Innovation.

  • Emerging Dimensions of Branding: Ecological Transgressions.

  • Business Ethics and Environment Sustainability

SESSION 2. Emerging Dimensions in Business and Financial

  • Emerging trends in Banking and Financial Markets

  • Green Finance and Marketing: A tool for Sustainability

  • Carbon Accounting and Environmental Accounting

  • Financial Inclusion and Digitalization

  • Emerging trends in Accounting and Taxation

  • Changing Facets in Financial Infrastructure

  • Navigating Behaviour in Stock Market

  • E- Business models: Cognitive & block chain technologies

  • Cloud Computing and Accounting

SESSION 3. Economic Growth and Ecological Concerns

  • Challenges and opportunities for sustainable development

  • Circular Economy

  • Transition in Employment

  • Economic Disparities

  • Global Poverty, Hunger and Unemployment

  • Global Supply Chains: Diversification and opportunities

  • Sustainability and Economic growth

  • Renewable Energy and Consumer Behaviour

  • Technological innovation and Economic Growth

  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  • International Trade: Opportunities and Challenges

  • Health, Nutrition and Education

  • MSME’s and Agriculture

SESSION 4. Literature and Ecology

  • Indian classical literature and environment

  • The Subaltern Voice and ecology

  • Geopolitics and identity crisis

  • Posthumanism

  • Representation of ecological concerns in cinema and OTT

  • Literary Darwinism

  • Sociological mobility

  • Impact of colonisation on ecological balance

  • Cultural and literary animal studies

SESSION 5. Ecology and Socio-Political Concerns - Conflicts and Resolutions

  • Collaboration across boundaries: alternatives to protect environment

  • Plans for sustainable development

  • Establishing global partnership to protect and restore the ecosystem

  • Accelerating and intensifying the actions for a low carbon future

  • Transboundary Biodiversity issues

  • Deforestation and Judicial interventions in India

  • Managing Man- Animal Conflict in Urban and Rural areas

  • Sustainability of Global Politics in present Ecological Transformation

  • Overcoming Geopolitical Crisis

SESSION 6. Psycho-Ecology Emerging Discourse of Ecological Influences on Human Behaviour

  • Dynamics of Diversity and Equality

  • Accessibility to Mental Health Resources

  • Ergonomics, Productivity and Work - Life Balance

  • Technology and Human Behaviour

  • Significance of Family Structure, Parenting and Social Empowerment

  • Recent Trends in Therapeutic Interventions

  • Interdisciplinarity of Psychological Sciences

SESSION 7. Science and Technology: Climatic Transgressions and Digital Transformation

  • Environmental Geotechnics and Climate

  • Climate Change mitigation and Adaptation

  • Space weather

  • Solar and stellar radiations

  • Tolerance of crops against climatic conditions and diseases

  • Supramolecular synthesis at the interface of environment science

  • Green nanotechnology for a better future

  • A Mathematical approach towards resilience of the Ecosystem

  • Digital technologies, computational advances, and sustainable innovations

  • Intelligent data engineering and automated Learning

  • Impact of digital technologies in public communications

  • ICT and its Applications for transforming Businesses towards Ecological sustainability

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